Guanaceví Mine, Mexico


Plant - Modern mill with 1,200 tpd capacity

Grades - 2017 silver grades averaged 230 grams per tonne and gold grades averaged 0.53 grams per tonne, for 270 grams per tonne silver equivalent1

Good Widths - 3 metre average width

Local Infrastructure - There is power and water on the property, 5 km to paved highway and town of Guanaceví, trained work force on site

Land Package -  approximately 4,200 hectares

Low and Manageable Risks - Known geology, grades, metallurgy and mill operation

Bolañitos Mine, Mexico


Plant - 1,600 tpd capacity

Grades - 2017 silver grades averaged 80 grams per tonne and gold grades averaged 2.24 grams per tonne, for 248 grams per tonne silver equivalent1

Width - Widths range from 1 - 30 metres wide and average 3 metres.

Infrastructure - Approximately 5 kilometers from the city of Guanajuato with good road access, power and water plus trained work force on site.

Land Package - approximately 2,500 hectares

El Cubo, Mexico


Plant - 1,500 tpd capacity.

Grades - 2017 silver grades averaged 136 grams per tonne and gold grades averaged 1.55 grams per tonne, for 252 grams per tonne silver equivalent1

Infrastructure - Approximately 20 minute drive outside of the city of Guanajuato, good road access, power and water plus trained workforce on site.

Land Package - approximately 8,100 hectares 


El Compas, Mexico


Construction Updateand - Construction remains on track and on budget for production start up in late March 2018

Land Package - fully permitted gold-silver mine and a modern leased plant in the historic silver mining district of Zacatecas

Ownership: 100%

Terronera, Mexico


Land Package: Approximately 6,100 hectares in southwestern Jalisco State, approximately 155 kilometres southwest of Guadalajara and 40 kilometres northeast of Puerto Vallarta.

Ownership: 100%


Guadalupe Calvo, Mexico


Land Package: Nine mineral concessions totaling 54,856 hectares in Chihuahua State, Mexico

Ownership: 100%

Parral, Mexico


Land Package: 3,450 hectares located five kilometres north of the city of Hidalgo de Parral in the state of Chihuahua

Ownership: 100%

Lourdes, Mexico


The Lourdes silver and gold property in the Sierra El Cubo area lies 40 kilometres northeast of the city of Guanajuato. By state highway, it's about an hour's drive from the property to the city, where Endeavour's Bolañitos and El Cubo mines are located.

  1Gold converted to silver at a 75:1 ratio